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Core Values

Innovation | Commitment | Integrity | Communication | Quality | Safety

The fundamentals to the operations and culture of The DNR Group. Our values are at the forefront of everything we do and form the basis of all decision making – from team building to customer service – to all of our construction practices. They ensure we hold each other and others accountable, in the office and in the field.



From conceptualization to completion, our proven construction model allows us to deliver exceptional customer service, detailed project and safety plans, and a timely execution – while mitigating risks and meeting strict budgets, no matter the size or scope of the projects. Our approach combined with our vast knowledge of construction management allows us to understand our clients needs and form a true partnership through a shared vision benefiting every project.

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DNR Group is comprised of experienced professionals that strive to deliver you the best quality in all your concrete forming & restoration needs.

Meet the Team


People are our most valuable asset. Their safety is our greatest responsibility.

Whether you are on the field or in the office, the health and safety of every person, on every DNR project – is our number one priority. We are committed to exceeding industry standards through vigorous education, mindful planning and careful execution.

From the moment we begin discussion for every project, we set the tone for non-negotiable safety planning and protocols on every level of our organization – allowing us to achieve our goal of getting our employees, project partners, clients and pedestrians home safely each day.